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These are the top 5 games that influenced me:

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Rogue-1 said...
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My absolute #1 PS2's SOCOM (I've played them all!) probably the most awesome game ever made. My #2 is an offline game for the PC, Warcraft II Tides of Darkness. If it weren't for this game I probably never would have tried Runes of Magic (that and my brother). #3 PS2's Smackdown games, still the best way to relieve pent up stress and hostility! #4 Combat Arms, if it wasn't for the fact I've spent hours watching my son play, I never would have started Crossfire. I tried CA first but it was a little too fast paced for me, but I love Crossfire. Finally #5 Railroad Tycoon, the whole concept of being able to create a group, or clan or empire from scratch and controlling where it goes and whether or not it's successful is unique and this game gave me the understanding of that which helped me a lot in Runes of Magic and Crossfire. Anyway thats my entry, a little long winded but maybe reading it will help others write their entries. THNX
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